Tinder Impostors – Story of My Stolen Identity

49 thoughts on “Tinder Impostors – Story of My Stolen Identity”

  1. You should try and find her via Facebook. If her age, location, and name are imported from there, you might be able to find her easier. Good luck!

  2. If you still have that picture of yourself, you can Google search by image. If you go to Google images and click the little camera in the search bar, you can upload that picture of yourself and it will give you all the websites that it’s on. I’m not sure how accurate it is, but I feel like it should be able to work!

      1. You have to use the exact pictures she has posted, use one she has on the tinder account and her fake fb should show up.

  3. The same thing is happening to me right now!!! Some girl is going by the name of Lexie and using my pictures on tinder!

    1. Really?! It’s creepy, right? Figured I’d see how this goes trying to locate them before I just ask Tinder to shut down the account. It’s a bit more fun this way. I hope yours gets sorted out, good luck!

  4. Why don’t you just create a fake male account in that area and lure this fake out yourself? Would give you results much faster.

    1. I considered this option, but realized that I would be doing the exact thing that I am upset is happening to myself right now. If I created a fake male Tinder account then I would be taking someone else’s identity and being deceptive which is what I strongly stand against. This is a project that I am using for a final project in one of my journalism classes focusing on mass communication and mass media, so it is a way for me to see how powerful Internet communities are firsthand. I do hope to find the person, but the process of sharing my story is what is making this worthwhile to me.

  5. Kristin, you can find this Facebook profile through google! Take the image from your Facebook of the one in the tinder picture, and reverse google search it. What you need to do it go to Google Images, then you see the camera button on the right side of the search bar? Click it, and upload your picture. From here, you’ll be able to see everywhere the picture is uploaded online. This is how they do it on Catfish! Hope this helps!

  6. You can try to narrow down the person by going through your friends list on fb! The same thing happened to my friend a few months ago, and we found the person that way. If they have access to your photos, chances are, ya’ll are friends on facebook/Twitter/etc.


  7. I bet it’s a guy & bad things are going to happen to any dudes who meet him. Wow, I read way too many mysteries, lol.

  8. Kristin this is so interesting to me! I am a Georgia Alumni and I found your blog through a friend on Facebook. I am currently a reporter in Tampa FL and I am fascinated by Tinder and I think a lot of other people are as well. I am especially interested in how this plays out but would love to talk to you more about this peculiar series of events. Hope you find ’em!

  9. If you take the image that she is using you can do a google search for any site that is using that picture! I had someone make a fake profile using my pictures, and that is how i found them! I hope that helps and you are able to find “Kim”

    1. I just read the comment that had the same suggestion haha
      sorry I couldn’t be much help! I hope you figure it out!

  10. you might want to try tineye.com, just save the images she used and then upload them and they’ll tell you where else online they are found!

  11. Have you reached out to the Catfish guys (Ariel and Nev Schulman). I would think that this could be a really interesting new storyline for them. This “chick” is essentially catfishing guys all over tinder using your info!

  12. Kristin,

    Try taking a source image (One of the images that “Kim” stole of you from your Facebook) and drag and drop it into google image search: http://www.google.com/imghp It will generate all the matches of that photo on the internet and you should be able to find the fake Facebook profile link. Hope this helps!

  13. Maybe some of your guy friends could try to match with “Kim” and start a conversation with her, asking about where she may go to school, etc. and get more information that way! There are settings on the app where you can set a certain radius and age, etc. to narrow people down. One of your guy friends could set an 80 mile radius, age 21, etc. Good luck.

  14. Contact Nev and Max on Catfish! (No, actually that will take way too long). But in all honesty, that is very creepy. Are your online accounts all private? If so, it’s probably someone you know. Because my blog is public, I always worry that someone will steal my pictures, which is why I don’t upload many of my face and watermark them so that they would have to be awkwardly cropped. Even still, I worry this would happen to me.

  15. Coming from someone who was blackmailed via facebook by a guy from Germany (he wanted nudes…) I know how much all this sucks. Sadly though, it’s neither illegal nor unusual. Apparently you lose the rights to any photos you put on facebook (I don’t know this for sure), and recently one of the ads on the right side of facebook featured my deseased friend’s profile picture, advertising some online dating site. I was furious and contacted facebook as well as the dating site but they both said there was nothing they could do about it. Best of luck on your mission, and here’s to never trusting the internet again.

  16. This happened to me to! My friends said that someone under a different name had stolen my pictures and was claiming residence in Colorado. Good luck finding your impostor! I wish I knew more about mine

  17. I was wondering if it would be possible for me to like interview you (via email or something) for my final paper. It’s about privacy and this story is perfect!

  18. Hi sorry to hear this happened to you. You may be able to pursue this through ID theft which is a federal crime. Essentially, you may argue that your image is being used without your permission by an unknown person. As she is using your likeness if negative publicity is associated with your likeness, it could result in loss of future income, reputation etc. Go to http://www.ftc.gov and look at their ID Theft section.

    I know you want to keep the profile alive to catch her/him, but you may be able to achieve the same results through formal charges. Tinder can be compelled to provide IP information and conversely FB and her ISP.

    I stumbled across your article while trying to find a way to notify a guy his pictures are stolen and being used by someone to try and attract women.

  19. Hey, have you had any luck with this? Just this weekend my sisters friend matched with what looks like me on Tinder. What’s funny is that they are using Instagram photos and I have a private instagram account which narrows it down a bit.the person was in Boston at the time and I was in Indiana which doesn’t add up and I don’t have tinder and never have. Did you ever report it? Any help with how you handled it would be great. They added pictures including my sisters who shouldn’t be involved in this strange identity theft situation. Look forward to hearing back from you!

  20. I am a 26 year old female in South Africa, and find myself in the same situation. The imposter has, however, managed to access my mobile number and Instagram and Pinterst profiles. This I could deal with, it’s the bio bit that is upsetting. The bio on Tinder states: ‘Looking for no strings attached fun. If you want to play, contact me on [my actual mobile number].’ Over the past 2 weeks I have received 320 texts, numerous phone calls 24/7. Even on Christmas. If you have managed to get hold of Tinder, please advise?

  21. This is happening to me right now as well, its very concerning. I contacted Tinder with basically an e-mail back that says its facebooks problem. Facebook cant do anything because I dont have a last name, and google reverse image search shows me nothing. What did you do? Did you get it sorted? I contacted the police.

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