Interbrand Mashup – The Future of Advertising

Two of the strongest brands teamed up to create the ultimate commercial featuring not only Ms. Brown the M&M, but the Geico gecko and the “hump day” camel as well. The combination of recognizable characters catches viewers’ attention and creates conversation. Therefore, producing a successful ad. I think that this concept of dual-company advertising is … Continue reading Interbrand Mashup – The Future of Advertising

No Dragons, Please

Personal preferences are the basis of every decision, and by every decision I mean which television shows to watch.  As a TV show fan, I take notice of what shows people enjoy and who enjoys the same shows as me. The differences are extensive sometimes. I’m always looking to get into a new show and … Continue reading No Dragons, Please

The Real Life ‘Lost’

At the beginning of Spring Break, on March 8th, a Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared on its way from the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, to Beijing, China. Today, on March 15th, the plane has yet to be located. I have one question, how do you lose an airplane? You can find which room your phone is … Continue reading The Real Life ‘Lost’