Choose Love Over Like

It may seem obvious to choose love over like, but is it really that easy these days? In an inspiring advertisement by Coca-Cola, it depicts choosing to love your own life over liking things on social media. If paying close enough attention, you will notice that there is a lack of technology throughout the entire … Continue reading Choose Love Over Like

ESPN, Always #1

After reading a post from a fellow classmate claiming, “ESPN has died,” I became defensive of a company that not only myself, but the rest of the world relies on for sports news. Claire claims that ESPN has become too reliant on sports gossip rather than reporting the action aspect of sports news. I have … Continue reading ESPN, Always #1

TEDxUNC Takes Flight

This afternoon I was fortunate enough to attend the third annual TEDxUNC conference. Already an avid TED Talks fan (ask Professor Robinson), I was delighted to see how empowering the TED conferences are firsthand.  If you aren’t familiar with TED, it is a nonprofit organization that is devoted to ideas worth spreading. The organization began in … Continue reading TEDxUNC Takes Flight